How To File a Claim for Damages Due to the Use of Essure®

Have you been the victim of injuries or illness caused by an Essure® implant? If so, please read on for information on how you can learn if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries through the power of a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Essure® is a permanent method of birth control marketed by Bayer Health Care and implanted through non-surgical means in the Fallopian tubes. Women who choose this procedure are opting for a permanent birth control method that will cause sterilization through the formation of scar tissue in the Fallopian tubes. Essure® has been marketed as an affordable alternative to surgical sterilization such as tubal ligation, and when released in 2002 was marketed as a safe and effective method of birth control.

However, soon after its approval by the Food and Drug Administration and its release to the United States market, questions began to arise about Essure®. Women who had the implants reported serious medical problems such as bleeding, cramping, chronic pain and even migration of the implants from the Fallopian tubes to other parts of the body. Ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages were also reported.

If you are one of the women who has suffered physical or emotional trauma caused by Essure®, you could be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer.

How Can I File An Essure® Claim?

Injuries caused by Essure® may be due to several types of negligence on the part of the manufacturer. If you have experienced injuries as the result of Essure® implants, it is possible that it is due to:

  • The manufacturer’s false claim that the product is safe. Studies done prior to the release of Essure® onto the market have been re-examined in light of the large number of complaints. It is possible that the company did not secure the proper support for the release of Essure® before submitting it to the FDA for approval. It is also possible that evidence was ignored or suppressed that would have led to rejection by the FDA of the company’s request to market Essure®.
  • The manufacturer’s failure to train physician in proper placement of the product. The manufacturer has a duty to ensure that physicians are given complete information regarding the Essure® implant procedure. If your physician was not trained properly, it is possible that the manufacturer might be liable.

If you have suffered injuries from Essure®, you may have a claim. Contact a personal injury attorney immediately for a consultation to determine if you should proceed with your Essure® injury case.